I absolutely loved working with Melissa! She was very clear in what to expect when talking about our documentary session. The day of, my son was very shy and hesitant around her. But after a couple of minutes, he warmed up to her and wanted to show her all of his cool tricks and toys. Although we knew she was there to capture our life, she was like a fly on the wall. When we got the photos back, I was in awe. I loved seeing how our life was from a different perspective. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, my husband had talked about doing a similar session every year. And he doesn't like having his photo taken! I highly recommend working with Melissa :)

The Sollecito Family, Greensboro, NC


“We had a great time at our family photo shoot with Melissa.  She has great attention to detail and was wonderful working with our two girls.  Highly recommend for beautiful family photos that last a lifetime!”

The Collins Family, Greensboro, NC


Melissa and I met at a conference and talked for a while about our love of this genre of photography and being able to connect and relate to families in our community and beyond by doing this work. 


We decided to photograph each other's families and Melissa came to stay with us for my daughter's special leap day birthday. Melissa fit right in immediately; it was a feeling of a friend hanging out, not a photographer taking my picture. I was thrilled actually that she was there telling the story of our little family experiencing my daughter's official "1st" birthday together. 


We loved the gallery of images that Melissa delivered and I look forward to printing them for us to enjoy tomorrow, next year, and 10, 20, and 30 years from now. 

The Kuhl Family, Charlotte, NC


"Last summer we enjoyed working with Melissa on a photo shoot for the Fresh Air Fund of New York City. Melissa spent three hours shooting hundreds of wonderful photos that were used by the Fresh Air Fund for promotions.  In addition to outstanding quality photos, Melissa’s dedication to getting the right shot was amazing.  She laid in the dirt, climbed aboard moving vehicles and literally stood on her head to get the perfect angle for what she was trying to capture.  Most of all, Melissa’s creative composition and use of light are her most outstanding attributes.  A recent silhouette Melissa posted on Facebook of her daughter is a great example of how Melissa uses light to capture the most beautiful and artistic photos."


Randy Billings, Greensboro, NC

"As we approached our shoot day, we had very thoughtful conversations to prepare a few general shoot themes and final location. Melissa photographed our family inspired by a connection to the natural environment surrounding us at Bicentennial Garden.  We even used our family bicycles for a creative experiment that turned out really cool. 
I would highly recommend working with Melissa!"

The Sherrick Family, Greensboro, NC